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At the dawn of the TV industry, when serial mania swept more than one generation, choosing the best of the best seemed an impossible task. Nevertheless, we walked through 19 years of serial history and selected 20 of the best series.

20. “The Knick”, 2014 – 2015

A real find in the genre of medical drama. The series takes place at the beginning of the 20th century, when they only conduct electricity in big cities, the doctors experiment with drugs and inject cocaine into patients as anesthesia, and the ambulance is harnessed by horses. The director of the first season, exactly like the future of the second, was Stephen Soderberg.

19. Lost, 2006-2010

The drama series “Lost” talks about a group of people who are trying to survive on a dangerous island after the fall of the liner. The series consists of 6 seasons, the last of which was released in 2010. The show is one of the most expensive on television, because of the large ensemble of actors and the expense of shooting in Hawaii. The TV show “Lost” has become a cultural phenomenon that has given rise to a number of related phenomena: according to the plot of the series, literary works and comics are released.

18. “It’s Your Move”, 2009 – 2013 

Another episode for fans of black humor is The Dregs, also known as Bastards and Unlucky. The plot unfolds around a group of modern adolescents against the background of real life with obscene language, lust and other “charms” of this world. The realism of the life of the English teenage scum here is complemented by a fantastic story about the superpowers that they received after an accident during a storm.

17. “Twin Peaks”, 2001 – 2017 

Before the audience of the series, the life of a small provincial American town populated by friendly, naive and a little eccentric people opens. The story begins with the news of the discovery of the naked body of Laura Palmer, which was wrapped in polyethylene and thrown in waves by the lake. During the investigation, various residents of Twin Peaks pass before Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistants. Gradually, the viewer discovers for himself the dark and terrible side of the life of the inhabitants, at first glance, of a quiet and peaceful town.

16.”How I Met Your Mother”, 2005 – 2014

“How I Met Your Mother” is an extremely successful American sitcom. The show started on the air a year after the end of the series Friends and is considered its modern reinterpretation. Despite the disappointing ending (as many critics thought), “How I Met Your Mother” is one of the best comedy shows of our time.

15. The Amazing Mrs. Maisel, 2007

50s in America. The beautiful, charming and caring housewife Miriam Meisel devoted herself to her husband and two children. One day, the husband admits that he has a lover and he leaves the family. Miriam’s world collapses, she gets drunk in the club and goes on stage, telling the microphone about what happened. It was the first stand-up girl who revealed her comedic talent. Thanks to this, Mrs. Maisel’s life changes dramatically, the girl becomes in demand, and the adventure does not end there.

14. Spartacus, 2010-2012

The television series “Spartacus” consists of three parts: “Blood and Sand”, “Gods of the Arena” (prequel) and “Revenge”. The historically dramatic story will take you to the time of the Roman Empire and gladiatorial battles. The plot of the series is filled with scenes of violence and eroticism.

13. Doctor Who, 2005

The true pride of British television, one of the longest-running science fiction series in TV history. The series about the inhabitant of the planet Halifrey was first released in 1963 and was broadcast until the end of the 80s. The restart of Doctor Who took place in 2005. The Doctor travels through the galaxy in a spaceship in the form of a telephone booth and periodically rescues earthlings from alien invasions.

12. American Horror Story , 2011 

This series renewed the interest of television in the horror genre. Each of the four seasons is a separate story. In the first season, the plot revolved around an old haunted mansion, in the second – around the journalist, psychiatric hospital and the maniac “Blood Face”. The central plot of the third season was the coven of witches, the fourth – a circus of freaks, and the fifth will tell about the mysterious hotel and its inhabitants.

11. Escape, 2005-2017

The television series “Escape” talks about the heroic act of Michael, who goes to prison to save his brother, sentenced to death. “Escape” stretches over a long five seasons, but the series is so dynamic and interesting that all episodes look in one breath.

10. The Big Bang Theory, 2007 – 2019 

The sitcom of the American television channel CBS – “The Big Bang Theory” – is not for nothing that it occupies a rather high place in our rating of series. They started talking about his success after the first season. Adventures of nerds and beautiful waitresses are watched on the air of channels in more than 70 countries.

9. Dexter, 2006-2013 

Despite the theme of the series, in the center of which is a real killer maniac, Dexter (Dexter Justice) has become extremely popular. In the story, the protagonist searches for criminals who have escaped responsibility for their actions, brutally kills them, cuts them into pieces and throws them into the sea. During the time on TV, Dexter managed to collect many awards, including the Golden Globe, Emmys, Saturn and the Guild of Actors Award.

8. Sherlock, 2010

Sherlock is in eighth position in our series ranking. The British series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes is interesting not only for the main character and his lightning-fast mind, but also for the fact that this is a story about the modern Sherlock Holmes, who lives and works in modern London. Sherlock showrunner Stephen Moffat has established himself as one of England’s best screenwriters. To date, 4th seasons have come out.

7. Fargo, 2014

Fargo is a TV adaptation of the famous Coen brothers movie of the same name. In January 2006, Lorne Malvo drove through the small town of Bemidji, Minnesota, where he met and influenced Lester Nygaard, an insurance policy merchant, with his cruelty. The series was awarded the Golden Globe and Emmy.

6. “House of Cards”, 2013 – 2018 

The series, which was launched by David Fincher himself. The director shot the first two episodes. The ambitious Democratic Party Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in exchange for a promise to make him Secretary of State helps Garret Walker become president of the United States. However, after the election, the head of the presidential administration, Linda Vazquez, tells Underwood that he will not receive the post. Enraged by betrayal, Frank and his wife are ready to do anything to avenge the newly-minted president.

5. House, 2004-2012

The series, which occupies the fourth place among the leaders of our rating, we think does not need extra words. Almost everyone knows him. The lead actor Hugh Laurie became a real epic hero after participating in the project. In total, 8 full-fledged episodes of the series “House MD” were released in the world. According to FOX representatives, the story of the Dr. Gregory House will end there.

4. Breaking Bad, 2008-2013 

Breaking Bad – an American television series that has held leading positions in ratings of many countries. Chemistry teacher Walter White has earned a cult status thanks to his impressive transformation over the course of six seasons from a quiet family man to a consistent and frightening drug lord. “Breaking Bad” is also valuable for its original script – the merit of the main “showraner” series Vince Gilligan.

3. “True Detective”, 2014

The classic detective TV genre will not be the same after the release of the series “True Detective” on the HBO channel. Script writer Nick Pizzolatto created a true hybrid, the next level genre, where he masterfully combines a detective story with psychology and a meditative Arthouse. The familiar “procedural” inherent in the TV format has turned into a full-fledged cinematic experience with references and quotes to such world classics as “Seven” by David Fincher or “Ivan Childhood” by Andrei Tarkovsky.

2. “Game of Thrones”, 2011 – 2019

One of the most popular series – “Game of Thrones” – takes only the top positions in world ratings. Ours, where the fantasy series takes an honorable second place, will not be an exception. From the first episode, the series was positively received by critics and viewers. Many of the actors who have come out of Game of Thrones are now very successful in Hollywood, and each new series has been the subject of much discussion in the press and among fans.

1. “Friends”, 1994-2004

And finally, the leader of our rating of TV shows is the mega-popular sitcom Friends. Although his first episode was shown back in 1994, the last seasons of the series were released in 2002-2004. So with confidence and responsibility we give him the laurels of the winner. “Friends” is a cult series, which is still broadcast on the fifth or tenth circle in almost all countries of the world. At least two generations have already grown on it, and, no doubt, it will be relevant for many more years.

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